Valley rally news

Welcome to the Valley, Eh! Here you will find all the latest news and information on Valley Rally Enduro. Things like new additions to our tour's, what events we might be attending and anything else we think you might want to know, will all be posted up right here. Check back often as there will be a lot going on in the coming months!


Jan 2018 - 2018 events calendar

With the pre-season in full swing, the industry is starting to hot up. The big bike shows are all going down over the next couple of months and most of the major event organizers have their 2018 schedules set. Valley Rally Enduro is no exception. Along with our own tour schedule, which you can check out on our 'Rides' page, we'll also be making an appearance at a few events this year. We're working on attending one or two more, but for now you can catch us at these fine events this season - Swing by and say Hi! :

Rally Connex Dacre Dual Sport Challenge -June 22-24

Lawrence Hacking's Overland Adventure Rally - July 6-8

Bytown Motorcycle Association's 'Calabogie Boogie' - September 6-9




May 2018 - ottawa valley rally

21 days!! 21 days until the Ottawa Valley Rally kicks off and man are we STOKED!! Lost of new and updated info on the OVR: 
The Red Neck Bistro (owned by the Calabogie Brewery…Masters of Beer!) will be hosting the Riders meeting /Event Registration. We can't think of a better place to kick things off!

Woody’s Cycle, the region’s authority on KTM and off road riding in general is on board as a sponsor and has been gracious enough to throw in some great door prizes! If you’re in the Ottawa region and need KTM parts for your ride in preparation for the OVR, or just in general, hit up Woody’s at (613) 267-6861. Their prices and service are hard to beat…. They’ll even mail your stuff to you!

Speaking of sponsors…. We are very fortunate to also have 613 Motorsports, Dundas Performance and of course, our Rally hosts for Friday and Saturday, Sunny Hill Resort.

Dundas Performance will have a vending point on site at Sunny Hill where participants can get any oil, fuel, fuel enhancers or 2 stroke mix they might need throughout the rally. In addition to this, they will also have a fully equipped and lighted repair bay/area available to use should anyone need to service or otherwise work on their bikes over the weekend. But wait… there’s more! As if that wasn’t enough Dundas Performance will also be providing fuel at our mid-day fuel stop on Day 2 and have a recovery vehicle on call should anyone need it. Fuel prices will be competitive to the pumps

For all of your riding gear/parts needs outside of oils and fuels, 613 Motorsports will be on site Friday evening and Saturday morning with a selection of gear and consumables available to ensure everyone is good to go! Word has it they'll be some great deals on Sidi riding boots - Adventure Goretex
Deep Rain, All Road Goretex at REDICULOUS prices! :O Sizes wont last long. Call and reserve and we'll have em at the rally for ya...or better yet, drop on by and get yourself a pair before hand  (613) 482-9594

Saturday’s BBQ and prize draw will be an evening to remember! To take care of everyones appetites from riding great trails all day, we'll have burgers and sausages provided by The Butchery (, one of Ottawa’s finest providers of naturally sourced, grain fed meats; a great prize table, graciously donated by our sponsors and last, and finally, we will have a very special surprise guest on the rally that will also be giving a short talk on his experiences in the industry as well as some of the events he is currently involved with. Plus, he’ll also be riding on the rally! So… who is this “very Special Guest”? We’re keeping that a surprise….But here’s a hint: He’s Canadian off road riding royalty, is a Baja veteran and has done the Dakar. 

If you haven't registered for the OVR yet, nows the time. Trails are opening up and bike fever is ramping up...big time!

To Register, go to

If you have registered.... get ready for an EPIC weekend!